Download CodeCanyon - Volleymal v1.1 - HTML5 Sport Games

“Volleymal” is some kind of sport which was invented by some animals in Africa’s Sahara! According to experts, this amazing sport will soon become very popular in the world. Newly established international Volleymal federation has announced that with recent negotiations done with executive mangers of “Animals’ Olympic”, they hope that in the next few years, this interesting sport will be officially added to Olympic Games!

You may ask why a soccer ball is used in Volleymal instead of a volleyball ball. Even we don’t know the answer; you should ask its reason from the zebra who was in charge of buying balls!


» HTML5 game 
» Includes quick guide document to customize the game’s appearance
» Includes 5 different animals that can be chosen by player
» High resolution
» Auto-resize (responsive)
» Works on all HTML5 browsers 
» Just edit 1 image file to change the game’s appearance 
» Includes layered PSD file 
» Made with GameMaker Studio 
» Ability to change the game’s sounds & music
Demo : Link

Download Link 


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