Download AGC Mp3 Simple, Responsive And Without Database

Mp3Simple, AGC mp3 responsive website is only using the API youtube and do not need to wear a database


- Installation is easy, without requiring database
- Responsive. suitable for mobile visitor
- Auto sitemap

How to Install

1. Upload all files to public_html directory website

2. Make the API key youtube

3. Edit the config.php file
    - Enter your API key youtube (IMPORTANT !, If one effect empty search results)
    - Set domains in use

4. Check the index file with the opening

5. Ping to search engines to speed up the index by opening
    and submit its sitemap.

Saya adalah seorang gemar mencari sesuatu yang baru :D.

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kok cuma sampe index aja suhu,, di klik ke halaman deatailnya gak bisa, malah ada notif "No input file specified.". mohon pencerahannya gan. trims

No input file specified. me too